JK 2020

The JK in will be hosted by NEOA on 10th – 13th April 2020.

Event co-ordinator: Duncan Archer CLOK (email)

DateFri 10th April 2020Sat 11th April 2020Sun 12th April 2020Mon 13th April 2020
FormatDay 1 sprintDay 2 middleDay 3 longDay 4 relays
AreaStockton RiversideSneaton ForestMulgrave WoodsHutton Mulgrave and Skelder
OrganisersBrian & Tricia Davies (NATO)Alastair & Caroline Mackenzie (CLOK)Boris Spence (NN)TBC
PlannersFrancis Shillitoe (NATO)
Alasdair W-Craw (NATO)
Paul Taylor (CLOK)
Chris Mackenzie (CLOK)
Rob Bailey (CLOK)
Chris Poole (CLOK)
Chris Wright (CLOK)
ControllersDavid Rosen (SROC)Chris Burden (AIRE)Keith Tonkin (BL)Tony Thornley (AIRE)
WRE / IOF event advisers (subject to WRE status)David Rosen (SROC)TBCTBCN/A

We are still seeking a relay day organiser.  If you are interested, please contact the co-ordinator.

The areas are all embargoed, see here.